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Dance Your Own Manoomin

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Food Security and Food Sovereignty

Community-level food production is a cornerstone of Anishinaabeg food security and food sovereignty. Our communities need to be independent and able to plant, gather, and process Manoomin into food without relying on distant external industrial processing plants.

Are you a Mnoomin Planter and Harvester?

Do you process your seeds for yourself and your family and are getting old and tired and need help?

Do you have to send your green seeds to someone else to turn it into food for your family?

- Do you know that you are getting your own rice back?

- Do you worry that your rice is being graded at the processing facility and you are only getting a portion of it back?

- Do you get back a lot of broken seeds?

- Are you satisfied with the quality of your processed rice?

Or, do you sell your green seeds to an external processor and feel exploited that they sell the processed seeds at many times the price that you received?

Save time and energy, cut out the external processor, and get the best possible processed seeds - do it yourself!

For years, James has been experimenting with time, energy, and labour-saving techniques to make Mnoomin production feasible at the household and community level.

We now have food-grade, industrial scale Dancers available for sale!

These dancers decrease the time and energy required to dance rice and result in unbroken, beautiful, high-quality processed rice.

These 8ft long, 3ft wide units come equipped with a hopper and conveyor belt for quick and easy feeding. They are capable of dancing 50-100lbs of roasted rice in an hour (depending on the quality of the roast). They run off of hydro or a generator.

Black Duck Wild Rice will provide transportation, installation, and operation support.

All units come with a one-year warranty.

Email for more information including pricing and timeline.

Soon to come -

Roasters for household use. These are in the research and development phase.

Email us if you are interested in learning more and purchasing one for your family or community.

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