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Mnoominkewin Gathering 2022

The Third Annual Mnoominkewin Gathering will take place at Curve Lake's Lance Woods Park on Saturday September 24, 2022. All are welcome to come learn how to plant and gather Mnoomin, how to process Mnoomin into food, and to participate in Anishinaabeg Mnoomin culture.

In addition to the Main Gathering taking place on Sept 24, there is expanded programming this year including a beading workshop by Jean Marshall, a theatre performance of Cliff Cardinal's Radical Re-Telling of William Shakespeare's As You Like It, a community quilting project led by Alice Williams, a singing and drumming workshop by Pura Fe, and an evening Concert featuring Keith Secola, Missy Knott, Pura Fe, and Peterborough's Poet Laureate Sarah Lewis.

Full information about the Gathering can be found at:

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